Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vacation is Almost Over

It's already two months since May and that means my vacation is almost over and new semester on the edge, starting next month (August 26). While it's should be vacation, but i'm not really in vacation since i have been appointed as a coordinator for this year's YKFS service learning program. It really consume most of my time during the program.

After YKFS was completed early this month, my next task is focusing on the procurement and also preparing for next semester. We had lots of meeting in the office and so far so good. Everything is under control.

Next week, we will have one full week of holiday due to Eid al-Fitr, starting on Monday (August 5) until Friday (August 9), but i will extend my vacation until August 14 since i have already planned for this trip long before the announcement. With only two days left before a long holiday, i should start preparing for the trip and this year, i have a new member joining our trip: Alysia, my baby girl. It would be a challenge for me as i have to prioritize her over anything else. I had to make sure her need has been fulfilled first before ours :)

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