Friday, July 12, 2013

YKFS V is Over

International Service Learning - YKFS V is finally over after the HK team depart to Jakarta and then followed to Hong Kong at around midnight. It's been a great work for the past 3 weeks in Banjaroya Village and the strong bond between both students will be reminded even though they are separated.

We have prepared this program for some time along with the HK coordinator and staffs via email. There has been a lot of changes since last year, but we hope that the changes are for the best interest for both parties and it seems the changes i proposed does work as intended and gives us more advantages rather than disadvantages.

I must admit that it wasn't the best service we can do, but i have done my best to make sure they are enjoying the trip in the village and also having the best farewell party in the end of this program.

Thank you to all HK staffs and students for this year's YKFS. Hopefully we can meet again next year in the next YKFS or we can visit HK someday in the future :)

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