Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Abroad Trip With Alysia

I just arrived back from my first abroad trip with Alysia and my wife. I was afraid about her since she is still seven months old and i never take a baby abroad. We didn't go too far from Indonesia. We just went to Singapore, 2 hours flight from Jogja so it's relatively close and luckily she didn't complained at all during her flight. That relieved me.

In overall, there's no major problems during our trip. The worst condition was that Alysia got a flu due to her cousin who got flu before her and she played with her for the whole trip. That's why she got infected as well.

It's been a good trip, even though we couldn't maximize the trip since there was one baby, 1 pre-kindergarden kid and 1 junior high school kid coming along with us. Some of the schedule got a little messed up, but that's mainly our fault for not arranging the trip better since we brought our kids along with us.

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