Thursday, August 29, 2013

LibreOffice 4.1.1 Released

LibreOffice 4.1.1 has been released and Italo Vignoli already made the announcement via email that i received few hours ago. It's a bug fix version, so it focuses on fixing bugs found after LibreOffice 4.1 gets released last month. For Enterprise users, they are still recommending users to use the previous LibreOffice 4.0.5 which is backed by certified professionals and considered stable enough for production environments.

Another great news that comes along with the announcement was that Spanish autonomous region of Valencia's migration to LibreOffice on 120,000 PCs, which will save the government some 1.5 million Euro per year on proprietary software licenses. This adds more and more governments who are considering the migration to open source and avoid proprietary software which will force them to pay annual license fee.

LibreOffice 4.1.1 fixed so many problems during RC1 and RC2

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