Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Linux Kernel 3.11 is Out

Just week after celebrating Linux's 22nd anniversary, Linus sent out the final version of Linux Kernel 3.11. This marks the end of 3.10 development and now the maintenance will goes to Greg whom will update on his weekly -Stable cycle and Linus will open up a roughly two weeks of merge window where all of the planned feature that has been developed or sitting on linux-next can be pushed to Linus' main tree by using a pull request.

For now, the entries in KernelNewbies hasn't been updated for Linux Kernel 3.11 (but it will soon), and since The H has shut down some time ago, the best thing you can get deeply in Linux Kernel 3.11 will be from Phoronix.

I'm compiling it right now and it should be finished soon. Let us see what visible improvements that we can get from this shiny new kernel :)

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