Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Free Alternatives from Google and Apple

Apple has decided to give iWorks which consists of Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, and iPhotos for free to all customers who bought their new iDevices, particularly iPhone 5S/C that are preloaded with iOS7, their latest mobile operating system. Shortly after that, Google released QuickOffice, which was acquired last year for free as well. This is surely a good news for all users who used these products.

QuickOffice was once a commercial product, $14.99 for Quickoffice on iPhones or Android smartphones, and $19.99 for a version for Android or iOS tablets. That really costly, but worry not, since it's now FREE!!

This really gives Microsoft a pressure since other vendords has started to give their office suite for free. Google did more than that actually, by adding QuickOffice into Chrome OS and also to Google Chrome browser few months ago.

I have upgraded my iPad 3 to iOS 7 and i'm really glad that Google provided this wonderful application for free. I loved this application, except for one missing feature: WiFI upload. It's really a nice feature and it really helped me since i don't use Windows so often. With this feature, i can upload any files i want anytime even though i'm using Linux. This feature is now missing on Google's version of QuickOffice.

Other feature that is missing is to add third party service. Google now limit it onto to their Google Drive service. I don't really use this feature as i already have DropBox on my iPad, but still it's quite annoying to see some features are removed in the latest version.