Friday, November 28, 2014

Looking at New Release of phpMyAdmin

Marc Delisle has sent an announcement on the availability of phpMyAdmin-4.3.0-rc1. This is the first RC release for the upcoming 4.3 release which will be another major release and as you can guess, it's loaded with TONS of new features:

* Smart sorting for int keys
* Confirmation message when dropping user(s)
* Confirm dialog on accidentally leaving a page
* Allow clicking an approximate row count to get a correct one
* Support for editing binary fields in hexadecimal
* MariaDB 10+ multi-master replication support
* Allow saving query charts as images
* Use aliases in SQL export for tables and columns
* Export with table/column name changes
* Dynamic process list
* Drag and Drop SQL import
* Preview SQL instead of executing it
* Run SQL query: Allow rollback for InnoDB tables
* Zeroconf PMA tables support
* Regexp replace
* Avoid session timeout when user is active
* MySQL 5.7.5 compatibility
* Avoid session timeout when user is active
* Multiple-column foreign key relation
* Charts for data in <x-axis, series,="" value=""> format
* Range Search Capability
* Improvements for the table editor (index creation)
* PHP OpenSSL support for cookie encryption/decryption

Other that above features, this release will also have other cool features, thanks to GSoC students:
Smita Kumari worked on two structure tools,
1) “a feature that enables a user to maintain a central list of columns
per database to avoid similar name for the same data element and bring
consistency of datatype for the same data element.”

2) Automated normalization is known as "Improve table structure" within
phpMyAdmin. It helps to bring the table structure upto Third Normal
Form. A wizard is presented to user which asks questions about the
elements during the various steps for normalization and a new structure
is proposed accordingly to bring the table optionally into the
First/Second/Third Normal form.

Edward Cheng implemented a component which provides easy access to a
console, including bookmarking and a history viewer.

Chirayu Chiripal and Ashutosh Dhundhara both worked on many feature
improvements. These improvements may not be glamorous but feature some
much needed maintenance and minor improvements.

Behind the scenes, Dhananjay Nakrani has improved the error reporting
server, an optional reporting feature allowing users to automatically
submit error reports directly to the phpMyAdmin developers. Now, PHP
errors can also be reported.

Additional behind the scenes work was done by Bimal Yashodha to refactor
the code behind the Designer interface. Most of these improvements are
transparent to users but help ease the maintenance required on this
portion of the code.

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