Thursday, October 16, 2008 Released

Linux Kernel has been released with a single patch to mark the CONFIG_DYNAMIC_FTRACE as broken so that it will disable the code. Detailed explanation is already provided at the Changelog.

FYI, Linux Kernel 2.6.27 was having some problem with e1000e driver that could lead to hardware corruption. During the last RC, Linus already merged the code which should *at least* fix the problem, but it was a partial fix. The culprit is still nowhere to be found. Steven Rostedt debugged the code and finally found the root of the problem and applied the temporary patches to disable the code. Why not full patches to fix the problem? It's because the fix will change many part in other kernel source code. We surely don't want to have that kind of changes at -Stable releases, so we save that changes in the next merge window and it will be officially integrated at 2.6.28 which should arrive around January 2009. This gives the developers to test the patches to make sure it works just fine.

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