Saturday, October 04, 2008

Trapped On My Own House

No... No... Don't think that i'm really trapped on my own house. It's something different and it's related to the long holidays that occurred this week. As you probably knows, most people came back to their house when Lebaran came. Most people worked in Jakarta, so when Lebaran came, people left Jakarta and it become so quiet and empty. It's not like Jakarta we know as usual.

On the other side, people came to Jogja from all over the place. Like Okto said, it's dominated by people coming from Jakarta by just looking from their car plate. Jogja become so crowded and make me kinda trapped on my own house. It's very crowded in the streets and it makes me too lazy to go out if it's not too important. Of course i could take a motorcycle, but still the street is too narrow to hold all those cars and motorcycles.

Well, the holidays is about to over and next Monday, most people will get to work again, so i'm predicting tomorrow, the crowd will start to vanish and everything will go back to normal again (crossing my finger)