Friday, May 22, 2009

Point or Knowledge

This semester hasn't ended yet, since the students still has to do their final test this this week and next week, but some of the exams has been passed and the results have been published (well, at least mine). Some of them were happy to get a good grade while the rest didn't because they got bad one (some of them failed).

What surprises me is that most students nowadays only looking for points and not the knowledge. They think studying is only attending classes, doing exams and assignment and that's all. They don't really care about the knowledge.

Well, in education, grade or points are means of evaluation to see whether you have understand the knowledge or not. If you failed, it doesn't mean world's end. It only means that you are not yet understands the knowledge.

Re-take the course and learn more about it and i'm sure you will pass big grin

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