Sunday, June 07, 2009

Arrived at Manado

I have arrived at Manado safely after one hour flight to Jakarta continued by connecting flight to Manado which was approximately three hours. My students picked my at the airport and brought me back to the place where they lived.

I had to admit that the Internet connection on this area (at least where i stay) is very bad. My students brought IM2-Broom and the connection is very slow. Even my dial up connection at home might be faster than here. Even though it has quite a good coverage on Telkomsel, sometimes the connection changed to 2G.

Oh well, i guess i have to live without a good Internet connection for a week.


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  2. You may try to use telkomsel or XL data networks. The Indosat very poor here.

    The CDMA networks are quiet good here (Flexi, Starone, Fren/Mobi).