Thursday, June 18, 2009

Keyboard Problem Solved

After playing with Windows for a night, finally i have decided to go back to Linux and trying to solve the keyboard problem which caused the keyboard is not detected on LILO prompt, thus i can't select Linux because it's located on the second entry.

In fact, the keyboard is detected on BIOS checking, but not in LILO, so there got to be a problem there. I opened the BIOS and finally discovered that the USB Keyboard Support is disabled. I remembered this settings was turned off because at the time i bought this new motherboard, i still used my old keyboard (which has accompanied me for eight years) which uses PS/2 interface. That's why i turned off this settings. Right now, it has to be turned on in order to make it work again.

By the way, it's just a temporary keyboard. I should hunt a good keyboard in the following days. Keyboard (IMHO) is a very crucial computer peripheral elements, since you used it all the time. If mouse can be omitted, but not keyboard. Take an example of Linux servers, who don't have a GUI interface. The admins works only using keyboards and terminal.

Bad keyboard selection might lead to RSI, so don't mind spending some money to buy a good keyboard with ergonomic as the main priority. My old keyboard was produced by Microsoft and i feel it very good.


  1. i suggest you to buy logitech :)

  2. a little bit late for that. I already bought another Microsoft keyboard. The previous one lasts for eight years :)