Friday, November 13, 2009


Usually, i give my assignments on my first class of the semester. My idea is that the students would have longer time to think about the assignment and plan a schedule to work on it. But what happened next is that most of them never do the assignment until it's almost deadline. In the end, they would end up with pile of assignments from other lecturers and they complaint that the assignments are too much Doh

So i changed my habit a little bit by giving an extra project each week with only a small quota (2 students per class) and the time duration is very short (2 days at maximum). The response are quite interesting, because they compete with each others and try to do the extra project as fast as they could.

Maybe i will change the teaching method, mostly the assignments for the next semester. Let's hope it will motivate them even better.

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  1. great idea , you good teacher .
    i wish u the best