Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I just watched Christmas Carol today with my girlfriend at EMPIRE XXI and i was surprised to see so many people lined up to register themselves as MTIX users. Probably they have found out that having MTIX has more benefit rather than lining up in the morning while the MTIX users can just send a text message or buy tickets via online ticketing.

Unfortunately, MTIX is not a perfect solution, as it's not too reliable, mostly when several new and famous movies comes out in the same time, just like what happened these days. There are 2012, New Moon, and Christmas Carol. When we accessed MTIX website, it couldn't process our request, thus we can't do transactions via the website.

Let's just hope MTIX administrators will see this blog post and fix this problem, as it's getting so annoying to see the website goes down very often in the morning when their users are lining up to buy the tickets online.

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