Thursday, November 03, 2011

Change of Schedule

Suddenly, my schedule for this week and next week become suddenly full. I have to attend several activities held by my students and also my office and i received the notifications today surprise

Starting by next Saturday, i have to attend 2 seminars, one of them is Fastrack Wireless Hacking held by NetClub students club i'm their supervisor and the other one is the green environment seminar held by my students for their assignment for my subject Project Management.

At noon, i have to be at Bopkri Dua to become a speaker as part of my campus promotion event and i will not get the material until tomorrow not talking.

Next week, i have to become a tutor for Linux class for NetClub club. As the supervisor, i haven't done so many activities with them lately due to my busy schedule and also my wedding activities last month. Now, they asked me to give one small tutorial about Linux in front of the new students of class 2011. I don't have any other reason to deny their requests, so it's pilling up on my schedule queue.

Oh my....