Wednesday, November 02, 2011

GMail New Look

For those who haven't logged in to their GMail account, please do so now and you will see another change of look by GMail designers. It's actually been leaked to public since last week when one of the video that is used as the advertisement was uploaded to YouTube. Since then, people have wondered when will the updates being rolled out and their wish is now come true. Google has released this new look on most users.

What's the big change actually? Well, there are some big changes described on GMail's New Look page such as :
  • Cleaner and more modern design with more themes being included
  • Improved conversation view
  • Customization in display densities
  • More control on the sidebar (you can now drag to your desired size)
  • Improved search filter (and also filter creation from this box)
  • Easy switch to contact, task, and mail
  • New toolbar design
Overall, i'm not too impressed with these changes, mostly with the control on the sidebar. I know it's useful to be able to resize the height, but the idea of automatic display of the labels in the sidebar is not a good thing for me. It gives surprises and why would you hide it anyway? If i wanted to see the messages that has certain labels, i would have to point out my cursor into the label area and wait for a second to load the rest of it.

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