Thursday, February 07, 2013

My iPad Jailbroken

I decided to try upgrading to iOS 6.1 after backing up my iPad using iTunes on Windows. At the first attempt, the upgrade failed and it stucked on recovery mode and i have to restart the process again. The second time attempt worked.

Since it was about time i go to my office, i decided to perform the jailbreak later when i got home at the evening. My iPad was still running pure iOS 6.1 at that point. So far so good, all of my data is recovered using the backup earlier.

At night, i performed the jailbreak using Evasi0n from Evad3rs team and it's so simple as usual. It will close iTunes and then performing the jailbreak once we click on the button. It requires only several manual steps performed by the users and it's so simple. All you have to do is read the instructions on the Evasi0n tool.

After completing the jailbreak process, it will reboot several times to upload Cydia and the repository as well and you are done. You just need to click on the Cydia and it will perform an initial process of preparing the filesystem for Cydia and then you can start installing applications from Cydia repository.

Big thanks to Evad3rs team who have done another great release on bringing untethered jailbreak to iDevices for iOS 6.x :)

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