Thursday, April 14, 2005

FC 4 Test 2 available

Raleigh, NC (HC) - The Fedora Project today announced the first test release of Fedora Core 4, bringing new technology to Linux users everywhere, and the first release of Fedora Core to support PPC out of the box.

Designed as a general purpose operating system for a variety of uses, Fedora Core 4 Test 2 offers various improvements over Fedora Core 3. People who have used Test 1 will notice the following improvements:

- GNOME updated to 2.10 final
- KDE updated to 3.4.0 final
- Firefox updated to 1.0.2
- update to 1.9.89
- many various bugfixes

Users were cautioned against using Fedora Core Test 2 in production environments. Reminding the users that it's a test release, Otto said "There's no guarantee that it won't eat your data or fail to install. It could even cause an alien takeover of your humble town."

Source: LWN

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