Monday, April 04, 2005

Mono 1.1.6

Few days ago (31 March 2005), Mono Project has released another update, Mono 1.1.6. This is a quick release, since the previous 1.1.5 release was published on 24 March 2005. Mono 1.1.6 is the sixth release on the development series of Mono. The Mono 1.1.x series will eventually lead to the next stable milestone: Mono 1.2.

It was a micro-release and only contains some bug fixes:

* Packaging Fixes: Mono 1.1.5 RPM packages were compiled with an option that would allow users to downgrade their kernel, but the feature had not been tested. One simple fix was to compile from source code, but we decided that redoing the packages was the major burden of a release, and we could include a few other fixes.

* Apple G3 Support: The G3 was not previously supported, this version adds support for it.

* KEvent on BSD: A crashing bug on BSD-based systems (OSX included) were fixed.

* Cookies: A couple of small bugs were found on the Cookie handling with certain web sites, this has now been fixed.

* AMD compilation: Makes sure that libraries are installed in lib, not lib64.

* Compilation: Compilation on some older systems has been fixed.

* SQL Server reset: The reset operation is not supported on all SQL servers.

If you would like to try it out, you can download the Source

About Mono
Mono is a platform for running and developing modern applications, based on the ECMA/ISO Standards. Mono can run existing programs targeting the .NET or Java frameworks.

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