Sunday, April 03, 2005

New Roadmap For Mandrakelinux

Mandrakesoft, publisher of the Mandrakelinux operating system, has announced some adjustments in the 2005 Mandrakelinux release schedule. Several changes will occur: (1) a new release cycle for retail products, (2) a new naming scheme, (3) the integration of Conectiva's technology into Mandrakelinux, and (4) the immediate availability of a transitional product. Here are the official press release:

These changes are motivated by several factors:

1. Requests from partners and distributors for a more convenient release cycle; for a long time, distributors and resellers have asked us to adopt a longer release cycle that is more adapted to their specific constraints.

2. Requests from users and customer for a greater investment of time into the development of new features and functions.

3. The opportunity, following the Mandrakesoft-Conectiva merger, to build an exciting new product that will integrate the best features from each of these distributions.

As a result, the new release cycle for products will be annual. This change fulfills the requirements of our channel partners and will give us more time to invest in technology.

Taking into account this new schedule, product naming will henceforth be based on year names. The next release will be in the fall and will be named "2006".

Additionally, Mandrakesoft has decided to release a transitional version of Mandrakelinux in spring 2005. Built on the current Mandrakelinux development branch, this version will provide up-to-date and newly released open source software, including KDE 3.3, GNOME 2.8 and Firefox 1.0.1. This special version will be available as a DVD and a CD set through Mandrakestore and Mandrakeclub and as a download, but not through retail channels.

The transitional version will be called "Limited Edition 2005". Later, by fall of this year, the new boxed "2006" release will fully integrate Conectiva technology and Mandrakesoft online services into a new product. It will be released through traditional retail channels as well as by direct sale from Mandrakestore and Mandrakeclub, and will offer all support options and related services.

Fran├žois Bancilhon, CEO of Mandrakesoft, explained: "We needed a transitional version to give us the time to ensure good integration of the Conectiva technology into Mandrakelinux. That's the reason why we chose to release this "Limited Edition 2005". Additionally, we decided to change the way we name the versions, because our users needed to better identify our releases. As a result, we choose a new yearly release scheme."

Both the Limited Edition 2005 and the 2006 version will be released in 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

2005 Roadmap Sumary:

Name: "Limited Edition 2005"
Expected date of release: Spring 2005
Technology: Based on current development branch
Support & Services: No
Release Channels: Mandrakeclub, Mandrakestore (DVD + 6 CD set)

Name: "2006"
Expected date of release: Fall 2005
Technology: Integrates Conectiva technology
Support & Services: Full
Release channels: Mandrakeclub, Mandrakestore, retail (DVD, Packs...)

Source: Mandrakelinux

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