Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Successfull Linuxday

Linuxday event that was held on Sunday, 17 April was a success event. We didn't expect that the attendance will be more than 50 peoples, so the room was full and some people didn't get a chair to sit, but they still enjoyed the event. Although the preparation was quite messy and rushed, it was a good job from AMIKOM's students. They had prepared it so hard and the result was amazing. We loved to see high anthusiasm from people who came to the event to listen the presentation and also people who brought their computer to install GNU/Linux on their PC. They gave great questions and it was very interesting to answer it.

We, at Jogja LUG were so happy and we can't wait for the next Linuxday event. We don't know yet when will be another Linuxday, but we can make sure that there will be. Keep in touch with our mailing list at jogja-linux@yahoogroups.com or in our website. See you soon in the next Linuxday.

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