Sunday, May 22, 2005

Careless Comments

Recently, i received a new comment from anonymous in SuSE 9.3 Linux fails home-use test. Here is his/her comments :

"You are clearly a complete and utter idiot. Obviously you have not even tried to look at this os in any serious way, nor it seems that you are able to follow simple prompts.True the icons you mentioned during installation are not there - that is because it is an underlined link like a web page. Any fool can see that. Also installing software after installation on suse in a breeze. Simply click on YAST, enter password and then install software. A list of what is available comes up and you simply go through the package groups or search by a keyword. Tick the box and suse does the rest for you. Simple, but perhaps not simple enough for a halfwit like your inbred self..

I use it every day for home use and it is far more stable than Windows, virus impervious and totally reliable. Not to mention that 3D games run much quicker.

On that note, NVidia cards work out of the box, but for accelarated graphics you do have to download the driver. That is because Nvidia choose it to be that way. After all, you have to download the driver for windows also if you want decent performance?

Finally, open your eyes a little and you will find a icon for Beagle under Apps->System->file system->Beagle.

If you are going to write a review, how about doing it properly and actually giving it a go. That way you will be able to give an accurate portrial instead of a ballsed-up ignorant and false abortion of an attempt.

Go back to Windows, the computer community does not need fools of your nature attempting to review anything more technical than a computer chair.

Well.. the fact is that (s)he didn't read my blog carefully. I took the article from and post it on my blog, not my own words. I used Mandriva on my daily use, not SuSE Linux.

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