Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I'm very eager to try the Mandriva Online services, which can be used to easily download new packages or security updates directly from the Internet. Here are some benefits from Mandriva Online Services:

Perfect system security
Mandrivaonline provides automated software updates including security patches, bug fixes and errata notices. All updates are based on your machine's specific hardware configuration and installed software

Notification of updates
Mandrivaonline can inform you when new updates are available:
By e-mail
By an applet on the desktop

Automatic updates
With automatic software updates you no longer need to worry about keeping your Mandriva Linux systems up-to-date. Manage all networked Mandriva Linux systems with one Mandrivaprofile: Understand at a glance the status of all machines

Flexible scheduled updates
Access to logs : Quickly view the history of all updates
A personalized page at

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