Friday, May 20, 2005

Saxon, Tomcat, NetBeans, and Java

For several days, i've been getting headache on Tomcat, Java, and Saxon, both in Windows and Linux platform. First, i couldn't transform a XML file into HTML file using saxon 6.x. Then, when i started NetBeans 4.1, XML Parser Exception occured (even though it can be skipped by pressing the OK button). Next, i couldn't access my MySQL database using JConnector along with JSP. In Linux platform, it's getting worse. Tomcat installation was done, but it couldn't be started and XML Parser Exception was raised again.

On Wednesday, i just found the solutions. First, for the Saxon problem. The solution is to upgrade it into Saxon 8.4. The second problem was instantly disappear when i upgraded to Saxon 8.4, so i fixed two problems with only 1 upgrades. Nice :)

In the previous day, i tried to put the MySQL-connector in the WEB-INF/lib directory, and it worked. I can access my database again. Good work. It's all working on Windows platform. Let's see if it works too on Linux platform (it should be).


  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Maybe my question is to **

    I just want to know? why many developer, develop they script use Java? why not PHP CGI, CFM or ASP

    I still confused with that.


  2. CGI is bad idea right now, since it's memory consuming. ASP can only be deployed in Windows platform (you can try to install Apache-ASP, but not 100% compatible, since it uses PERL).

    Java is solution for interoperability, since it can be installed in many platform and it can be used without any modifications to the source code on different platform. Java also suited for enterprise-scale application, since it provide J2EE (Enterprise Edition) which include many big application that is needed by the enterprise level.

    But for small application, i would recommend PHP, since it's easy to learn, multiplatform (just like Java), and also it has OOo concept (on PHP 5).

    I installed Tomcat just to learn new things :)

    Thanks for your comments