Monday, May 09, 2005

Week of Vulnerabilities

Last week was full of vulnerabilities news. For example, Noel Davis Security Alerts discussed about CVS, PostgreSQL, Squid, Gaim, Debian's lsh, Xine-lib, Caroline, Convert-UUlib, Rootkit Hunter, snmppd, Kommander, kimgio, RealPlayer and Helix Player, xli, and Debian's samba.

Benjamin D. Thomas, wrote Linux Advisory Watch on the :
"This week, perhaps the most interesting articles include ethereal, prozilla, smartlist, kdewebdev, wireless-tools, gimp, bootparamd, tcpdump, kdelibs, vte, php, words, util-linux, lapack, gnuutils, and glibc."

If you joined the BugTraq mailing list, perhaps you'll get more updates than list posted here, because it was updated daily.

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