Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Bug or What?

I just upgraded my Firefox to 1.0.6 and my 2.0 beta to 1.9.118, the latest version available until today and after i run updatedb and reboot, i couldn't even logged in into my KDE with a message similar with "Can't start KDE because don't have any write permission to $HOME". I was suprised and shocked, because i never changed any permission to my home directory, so i rebootted and login into text mode and see the permission for /home/willy and it was owned by root users. So i tried to changed the permission into 777 by giving chmod 777 /home/willy. It worked, but i guess it wasn't a good idea, so i tried to change the owner by using chown -R willy:users /home/willy and also giving read-write permission only for me with chmod 755 /home/willy and reboot again. It also works, so now everything is back to normal.

I don't know what is the main problem, but OOo 2.0 installer has a bug when it came in the third phase, which is personal data transfer. It opened a warning that it couldn't open 2 file in the home directory. I suggest for production use, don't upgrade to OOo 1.9.118 for now. It's better to wait for the next release while waiting for further investigation.


  1. Anonymous10:23 PM

    itu nginstallnya sebagai root dan diletakin di direktori di luar home? Bagaiman ajika installnya sebagai user biasa dan ngeletakinnya di direktori homenya?

  2. /opt/ (bawaan RPM yang sudah dikonvert ke tgz)