Monday, July 25, 2005

JavaScript and Remote Scripting

Since i met CSS and PHP, i start to dislike Javascript, since its implementation were different in many browsers, so developers and programmers had to create a lot of code to maintain the accesibility levels in order to be working over multi browser and multi platform. I started to learn CSS as a new way to design a web page and give it a new artistic layout, rather than using some Javascript tricks and PHP as the server-side scripting to create a dynamic web site.

Lately, the Javascript is back with another technology, Remote Scripting. It allows you to communicate with your server-side programming language even without refreshing the page. Some of great examples can be found in the Sajax's project or Sitepoint. The idea was cool, but it's quite confusing, especially when your page must work on every browser, since each browser has its own syntax.


  1. And you believe that CSS is implemented and supported equally accross browser? You got to be kidding me :p

  2. At least, in the future, most browser will fix their implementation and it will be browser compliant, not like Javascript which is somehow obsolete and can't be fixed again, since it involves many vendor :)