Wednesday, July 20, 2005 1.9.118

Another updates comes from's development team, which has released OOo 2.0 beta build 1.9.118 which fixes a lot of bugs and also integrates many child workspaces. There are 680 issues found on the latest version of OOo 2.0 build 1.9.118. It's getting better for an OpenSource Office Suite with so many community supports. Had problems with previous version? Try this version and perhaps your problems has been fixed in this version.


  1. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Everything's fine with this new version, but I noticed that my old files with "ods" extension load very slowly, to the point that it appears to hang. However, once it loads, I save the file with "xls" extension. Then I open the "xls" file, and save back as "ods" extension. I don't know what happens, but the loading problem disappears.

    The same problem with "odt" files. Save as "doc", then open the "doc", and save back as "odt" again. Voila! Problem gone.

    I don't know if this problem exists for other file types. Maybe someone out there does. Maybe even someone from OOo can explain what happened.

  2. Well, you can report this problem in the Issue tracker in the OOo's website. Perhaps this is one of the bug that existed also.