Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Enjoy Your Work

For several people, finding the best occupation is based on their salary. The bigger the salary, then he will prefer to choose that one rather the other who offer smaller salary. In my opinion, salary is not my first priority, but it should be enjoyed. Not everybody can enjoy their work and they only work just to find bigger and bigger salary. But that doesn't apply to me. I can't work well if i can't enjoy my current job. Of course i should consider looking for a better job that gives bigger salary, but the point is you should enjoy your work first and then work hard. The salary will be raised if you are a good worker and everybody acknowledge your work.

I do have great time working in my new office at QnAp Asia. It has a great environment that will support my work. It's only my first month but i had many new experiences here.


  1. Funny, I also have "work has to be fun" in my dictionary. Big salary is indeed nice but it's hard to beat a fun work

  2. great, we have the same dictionary :)