Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu

Right now, many people likes to use Ubuntu for their distro and it was a famous distro, since it inheritted many of Debian's powerfull tool, like apt-get, so if you need more packages that they provide, you can use Debian's repository. Ubuntu by default uses GNOME as their desktop manager, but if you prefer KDE, you can try Kubuntu, another project which is similar to Ubuntu, but with KDE shipped as their default desktop manager. You can also merge those two distro into one distro by installing the other CD's packages. If you want to use the Ubuntu for education, you should try Edubuntu, ubuntu version for Education. Right now, Ubuntu is finalizing their latest version, 5.10, codename "The Breezy Badger". Just wait for the final release date.


  1. Really..linux was not a powerfull and secure system..but has a rich system with many distro, which can help people to learn about computer...

    but, i stayed with my slackware..:)

  2. i kindda disagree with that. Linux is a powerfull and secure system, but at the end, it depends on the sysadmin to control and manage their system to bring the security needed by the users to work on daily basis.

  3. actually, all of operation system must be controled and configured by the sysadmin or users, who used it...
    but, as i knows, that windows or the other system, has included like a permanent setting, so as a user couldn't manage alone their sytem..to be secured and worked well..and it's to be different from linux...
    and i think linux was not made and designed just likes a template/ wizard...but it must be configured manually and continue..:)

  4. It's because Windows is designed for desktop since the first time, while Linux was designed for the server and for hackers, not home users. Users who are willing to try Linux must learn how Linux works, not by using the same way as they worked on Windows because it's different :)