Saturday, October 01, 2005

Another Bom in Bali

After three years suffering from Bali tragedy, Indonesia once again suffered the same tragedy in the same island, Bali, but in different location (this time in Jimbaran). Today, there were some explosions happened in Bali, which causes some people lost their relatives and friends. Some dead bodies hadn't been identified, but you can check from some local and (perhaps) foreign news. Until 11 PM, there were 17 dead people and some of them are tourists (news from TV7's Stop Press). Polices have found some active bomb and deactivate it, but they will search for more bombs in that area.

When will this suffering ends? No one can tell this for sure, but everybody surely wait for it to be happened as soon as possible. We can only pray for that, so let's pray for the true freedom of our nation, Indonesia.

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