Friday, September 30, 2005

First Problem on Jakarta

Today was like a nightmare on the first experience. First, i have to accompany my mother and sister to shop. It was so boring and finally it was finished after about two hours of shopping (or maybe more). Next, i went to my future living place and they said they only got 1 room left, but i need 2 two rooms for me and my friends. So i postponed the room until i got another one or i should find another place. So, my nightmare continued with my sister and mother were shopping again in Taman Anggrek. It was quite short, since i went to my office and talked with my friends about the previous problems. I got the solutions in about 45 minutes later by getting a new place to stay, but it wasn't empty yet, so i have to call them yesterday morning to confirm it.

After finishing my problem, i went back to Taman Anggrek and ... (yes you know the rest). I went back at 8.45 and got home at 9.30 PM. Finally i got a change to write my blog (yes, this is my first good news for today). Thank God i made it.

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