Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Major Upgrades

Today i conducted a major upgrades on my Slackware. I upgraded the kernels, glibc, and all the updated packages available from Slackware's Changelog. Upgrading glibc was one process that scared me because i had a bad experience when i was still using Mandrake 9.0. I upgrade the glibc using Mandrake 9.1's glibc version and after that, everything was messed up, so i had to reinstall all the system back.

Unfortunately, the upgrade process on Slackware is simpler than Mandriva and i didn't break the system at all. Just type upgradepkg and everything works perfectly, expect for the kernels which need some modifications, mostly on initrd and lilo configurations.

In my laptop, the latest kernel, 2.6.13 didn't break with the WLAN modules, so i only need to make a new build for the current kernel and everything was back to normal. I didn't experience any major nor minor problem after upgrading the kernels, but for safety, i keep the previous kernel, on my system, in case something bad happened.

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