Sunday, September 11, 2005

Activities in Jakarta

What a boring day without Internet connection. No forums, no YM, no emails, etc. What i did was writing a list of things that i should prepare when i work in Jakarta. Some of them can be brought from Jogja, while the other must be bought from Jakarta. Maybe i will have a new mobile number to be used in daily activities while i'm in Jakarta, but you may contact me via my old number, because i will keep using it to receive from my old friends. I will let everybody know about my new number via mailing list.

Besides that, i also updates my websites locally to fix some bugs and also wrote a new article "Configuring Services on Slackware". I will upload the article and the bug fix on the net as soon as possible when i reached Jogja on Monday. I also update my presentation material about Calc. I didn't do a major changes on Writer because i think it's enough for now, so i add a new material on the Calc.

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