Saturday, September 17, 2005

Short Personal Review For OOo

I have just installed OOo 1.1.5, the latest version of Office Suite, developped by Sun Microsystem with contribution by the developers around the world. I was looking for a facility to save the document to OpenOasis format, which is being used as the default for the next upcoming OOo 2.0 version, but i can't find it on the Save As Dialog. When i read the release note, i found the answers:

The import of the OpenDocument Format is covered by this issue, it is not planned to support also the export in 1.1.x. The OpenDocument Format is used as default file format in beta quality builds 1.9.x..

Except for that filters, this version also fixes most bugs and also port some OOo 2.0 bug fix to this version. For most users, this version doesn't seems to change at all, but it is recommended to upgrade to the latest version, as your application will be more stable, robust, and bug free than your previous version.

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