Thursday, September 08, 2005

One Day in Jakarta

Yesterday was like a nightmare to me. My plane was delayed for about 45 minutes and it started to take of at 6 PM, where it should be 5.15 PM. After 45 mninutes on the air, i landed in Jakarta and we have to wait about 20 minutes for the airport bus to arrive. It was full, so i didn't get chair to sit and so i sat on the rail that supposed to be a place to place luggages. It's took 1 hour to reach Blok M. Next, we have to wait for our friend who picked us up.

Next, we walked to bought a busway tickets. It's my first time to ride a busway in Jakarta. It has air conditioner and i was happy about it, since Jakarta was so hot and my shirt was almost fully wet, because i carried some quite heavy luggage. It also had a nice seat, so it was quite comfortable.

After we stepped out of the busway, we walked again to reach our friend's home and i rent 1 room for 2 people. It's quite expensive (nothing is cheap in Jakarta) and we finally can take a rest at 11 PM. What a day ......

Tommorrow, our journey continues ....
Until then, let me rest for today

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