Sunday, September 25, 2005

Indonesian Native Lang Project

Last Saturday (Indonesian time, +0700), i have been granted to be an observer at the OOo's Native Lang project and the Indonesian Native Lang project is being set up by the Native Lang Lead, Charles and Louis. We will start the translation project as soon as possible by coordinating our team, preparing the translation of the glossary, and the final task is to translate the POT files for the OOo. We will use OOo 2.0 final release as our base reference, so we still have time to translate the glossary first.

I shall make a new mailing list to provide a new communication media for our internal team. I haven't decided a name yet, but if you have suggestion, please send it to willysr (at) gmail (dot) com. Any help will also be thankfully accepted, including resources. People who wishes to see the Indonesian version of OOo can contribute to our project and we are looking forward to see you soon.

For more information about this project, please visit the official's Native Lang Project

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