Monday, September 19, 2005

Mandriva 2006 Beta RC2

The second release candidate version of the next Mandriva release has been shipped in the public mirrors and they contains a lot of bug fixes which can be seen in their changelog. In their release schedule, Mandriva 2006 final should have been released in 15 September, but due to a long delay in the second beta release (it supposed to be released at 30 July but actually was released at 10 August), every schedule was affected by the delay, including the final release, which is now scheduled for 20 August.

It is still using 2.6.12.x kernel version and i don't think Mandriva's developer will upgrade their kernel version to 2.6.13, because the time is very short and they must fix many things before they releases the final version. But, as usual, Mandriva's developer has backported some fix from the 2.6.13-git8:

# check hardware checksum in ECN, queue, TCPMSS
# fix tcp checksum in ipt_REJECT
# ipt_CLUSTERING: deletion, ct_related, mangling arp, memcpy_typo
# ip6table_raw: missing owner
# race condition in Decnet
# optimize expected timeout
# delete reference conntrack in ipmr
# fix ECN tcp marking, byteorder in icmp NAT, ip6t_LOG sit tunnel logging, masquerading index for slave connection , fix sysctl_tcp_low_latency
# IFWLOG : fix bad kfree and close bug #18276 (DN33_netfilter_IFWLOG.patch)

I hope this version will be better than 2005 release, which dissapointed me badly. It has many simple bugs that shouldn't be there. With Connectiva's technology being merged in this release, i hope Mandriva 2006 will be a good leap for the next 2007 version.

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