Sunday, October 16, 2005

OOo 2.0 RC3 Released

As i said in my previous post, the OOo 2.0 RC3 will be released this week and it is true. The OOo 2.0 RC3 has hit the public mirror and ready to be consumed by the developer, tester, or any other people who are eager to try the new OOo 2.0 build or those who suffered the problem in the RC2 which has been fixed in RC3, mostly for "Incorrect attributes of graphics objects after saving in .odt format".

This version only fixed 4 issues:
# 55330 Incorrect attributes of graphics objects after saving in .odt format
# 55627 Mac OS X icons are broken in m2 ( -kb options forgotten for commit)
# 55679 and version numbers
# 55719 No printing of text when UI language is RTL

If you lack of bandwidth, i suggest that you wait for the final version which should be finished in one or two weeks.

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