Friday, October 27, 2006

Another CVS2SVN Migration

Today i looked at Mandriva's Translation page and some items are highlighted in green color, which means that they're updated in the last two days, but when i tried to get the latest version, it failed to create a lock, so i guess it has been migrated to SVN and it is true. Mandriva once again migrate some of the translation project into SVN and this time, three packages were moved to SVN, which is drakfax, drakfirstboot, and rfbdrake. I have updated the SubVersionBasis Wiki which gives you a detailed information on how to checkout, update, and commit through SVN.

Update (28 Oct 2006) : It seems that Mandriva has moved more than three packages to the SVN. I just checked it today and i found four more packages, which are drakvirt, drakoo, grpmi, and drakbt. I have updated the SubVersionBasis Wiki also to reflect the latest changes.

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