Monday, October 23, 2006

Are You Ready For Firefox 2.0?

Firefox 2.0, the next major upgrade is being planned to be rolled out on 24th of October, which will be 25th of October in Indonesian Time. Well, it's a week behind IE7 which already being rolled out last week and i had made a quick review on it, but the most important thing is not about time, but quality. If you are a week behind but you can deliver which is something better, i don't think people will complaint. They just have to wait a little bit longer and that's all.

If you would like to see some comparative review, please have a look at PCWorld's review. It's quite detailed and review most part of the both application.

For now, i'm still very positive with Firefox's success even though it's kindda behind. Firefox will still be my primary browsers, followed by Opera.

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