Sunday, October 08, 2006

Obsolete Account

My limited account for Mandriva Linux 2007 has been obsolete and expired (they're only limited for a few days) and i cannot update them again, since Mandriva doesn't offer that kind of service again in the download section. They changed their way of distributing the Mandriva Linux 2007 PowerPack edition by using Mandriva Club account and no more http access. I have 2 Mandriva Club account and one of them will expire in the next 23 days, so if you want to download the Mandriva Linux 2007, you can send me an email and i'll give you the user/password, but please don't change the password, because it will be used by other people as well please consider to support Mandriva by buying it via Mandriva Store.

I hope this answers some people who asked about the previous account information which is now can't be used anymore.

UPDATE (29 Oct 2006): I'm no longer giving my Mandriva account information to other people. Sorry folks. The party is over and if you like to have PowerPack edition, please buy it from Mandriva Store.

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