Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mandriva 2007 Is Ready

After having few days of delays, finally the public mirror has syncronized and ready to serve the Mandriva users. For you who wants to download the PowerPack edition of Mandriva Linux 2007, here is the limited user/password:

* Login: willysr
* Password: wineilagni

FTP Servers


HTTP servers

* For Silver and Standard members:

DVDs can be downloaded only via FTP.

If the information is expired, let me know and i'll request again to Mandriva Club


  1. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Hey Willy - what a very generous thing to do!. Unfortunately it appears those details *have* expired after all, but I think that was very kind of you mate.

    Would there be any chance you could renew the login?

    Best Regards, Matt Foot.

  2. Anonymous12:04 AM

    I don't know if the login info is correct or it is something you just made out.

    Can you renew the license ?

  3. Matt has tried to use the login i gave on the FTP server and it worked. Try that first :)

    Mandriva has changed it's policy on HTTP access so i cannot update the account information for now

  4. Anonymous12:58 PM

    the login and password for the mandriva powerpack 2007 via http is no longer valid i guess.. i can't log in to the web.. and you are really nice guy.. hrlp's people from all over the world..

  5. try using FTP protocol (eg.

    I tried this and it still worked :)

  6. Anonymous3:38 PM

    something dissapointed.. there's no 64bit 2007 powerpack??

  7. Yes there is. I saw them on the torrent list :)

  8. the ftp for reports that the password is wrong still works

    is their any reason for why the x86_64 folder is empty?

    and is their any way to get the http servers working again?

  9. The DVD images also seems to have a issue when downloaded in binary mode: they will stop at about 330MB and report taht the image size is diffrent than exspected if you try to resume it.

    im going to try to download it in ASCII

  10. I don't know why they don't put the x86_64 version on it, but they do appear on the torrent list

    For the DVD problem, i can help you on this sean, because i don't download the DVD version

  11. btw thanks for giving us access to this

    the the dvd issue seems to be on all of the mirrors ever the free ones
    at least last time i checked

    and downloading in ASCII worked(as in the download finished) but the image was corrupted

    i also did some poking around and found out that the x86_64 distro has been delayed due to driver issues.
    i dont know why its not out yet since they said 2-3 days untill it would be out but that was about a week ago

  12. Anonymous5:14 AM

    I there,

    thanks for the information but when i try now the log and pass don't work anymore

    will you please, make and give us an other one

  13. Yes, it's only worked for a limited time and i'm sorry that i cannot fulfill your wish. If you would like to use Mandriva PowerPack 2007, please consider to buy it from their online store since it's a commercial edition.