Thursday, January 29, 2009

Graduation Day

Finally, after completing all my graduation papers, i can officially get my master degree this morning. The graduation was scheduled to start at 8 AM, but the students must be there at most 7 AM and sign an absence list. This was a mechanism to sort the certificate, so if you didn't sign it, you won't get called even though you attend the event. It will be embarrassing at that moment.

The event was finally over around 10 AM, just like as planned and i went to my friend who owned a photo studio and take some pictures there with my parents and my girlfriend. My sister didn't attend my graduation because she has to work and it will be to costly just to come here and then she would have to go back to his city few days later. No problem for me though.

Well, graduations also means to my laptop, as it graduates and being upgraded to use KDE 4.2 as the default window manager big grin. Some photos of my new KDE 4.2 are on my Facebook account. It's running on Slackware-Current, but the KDE packages are still working for 12.2 for now.

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