Saturday, January 10, 2009

Picnic Day

Today is the day where the picnic is held and i just came back from Pacitan where i visited Tabuhan and Gong cave and also Gajah Mungkur dam. We departed from Jogja around 7.40 AM and our first destination was Tabuhan cave. We saw a natural stalagmite and stalagtite there and take some pictures (of course big grin). The unique thing about Tabuhan cave is that the stalagmite could produce a sound like Gamelan, so it's called Tabuhan. I had my trousers dirty, but i managed to find some water to clean it up. Next time, roll up your trousers before you enter the cave.

Next destination was Gong cave. It was better organized than the first cave and the panorama was better than Tabuhan. On both place, i managed to take some pictures of it. You can see it on my Facebook photos (here and here) or my PicasaWeb account (only the person, not the sceneries).

The last place we visited was Gajah Mungkur Dam. We had our lunch at 4 PM (i know, it should be between lunch and dinner, but that's our lunch actually) in a restaurant near Gajah Mungkur. When we were finished, we were about to visit the dam, but the officer was ready to go home when we arrived there, so we decided to cancel it, otherwise we would be late arriving in Jogja (it was scheduled to got back to Jogja at 7 PM).

It was fun and i'm looking for more picnic in the future love struck

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  1. great Mr. willy , we must often picnic to make our minds fresh