Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Start of New Semester

After having quote long holiday since December, it's time to start the new semester. This year, the semester will start in 27 January 2009 because 26 is Chinese New Year day and it has been marked as a national holiday. There are four classes that i teach this semester, UNIX system programming, distributed system, component-based programming, and software modeling. Most of them are new, except distributed system, which is my third consecutive class.

Since early this year, i have been busy preparing the syllabus, lecture notes, and also assignments for each subject i teach. Well, some are finished, with more to come in the next few days. I may not be able to finish all the modules before the class started, but i'm pretty sure i'll make it before the class started big grin

There might be some time where i might have to postponed the class for this semester. The first one will be on Wednesday, 28 January 2009. I have to attend the rehearsal for my graduation which will be held in the next day, Thursday 29 January 2009. The second one is around February 9. I had an assignment to take part of EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer. It will be 4 days, so i had to find a new schedule for my class.

This semester will also be my first year to be a supervisor for UKDW Net Club and also Informatica magazine. It will be a busy semester, but i'm 100% i can finish this job cool

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