Saturday, January 17, 2009

One Step Further

Even though a simple plan is better than no plans at all, it would be great if we can predict one step further. That's what happened in the second part of Red Cliff II movies that are now playing in most movie station in Indonesia (or in several countries as well). In the movie, Ge Liang can predict the fog to get lots of arrows without sacrificing one of his troops. He done this in just three days, even though at first he was given ten days to do so.

Another prediction which is the key to win the war is the wind prediction. It affects the whole war, since the fire can blow all the ship chains that was supposed to be perfect strategy and turned it into a deadly strategy.

Oh well, i guess you should see this movie by yourself and enjoy the movie big grin. It's 135 minutes long if i'm not mistaken, so bring your pop corn and eat it slowly

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