Friday, November 20, 2009

GIMP Removed From Ubuntu 10.04?

There has been rumors that GIMP will be removed from default package installation on the next Ubuntu release, 10.04 (and probably in the future release as well). Fedora 12 has also dropped GIMP as well.

The reason for this removal is because many users doesn't seem to use it, it took too many disk space, and the interface is too complex. Besides, they have supplied Ubuntu with F-Spot, an alternative for photo management which takes less space, less complexity, and simpler.

Fear not, since it's still available on the repository. All you need is to use apt-get to install it from the repository.

What do you think about this?



  1. I'm okay with the decision as long as it remains in the repositories.

    I guess the downside is that new users may not even know that it exists if it isn't in the default install.

  2. Most people opposing removing the Gimp, mainly do so because they want to make sure people who *would* use it will still find it quickly.

    One solution to this, which would also help people find all the other awesome software we have to offer, is going beyond just having recommended options in the package manager, but introducing people to them when they first open the desktop. I did these working html mockups in the Web Browser Widget on Kubuntu, but the same idea would apply equally to Ubuntu. Using apt-url, this is almost completely implemented just in this HTML mockup and introduce people to more excellent software (based on their interests) and let us free space on the disk at the same time. Win-win-win. :)


    What categories are available?

    After clicking on one category:

  3. With a name like 'gimp', I certainly don't mind.

    Bugs Bane, nice avatar. I beat that whole game :D

  4. Thanks!

    This little fella (Iceball) is my small contribution to SMC along with the two-size red guy and the chomping stationary plants.

    Gotta love how everyone can put something into open source. :)

  5. Anonymous10:39 PM

    I think they should remove the crappy games from Ubuntu before they remove GIMP... I've used GIMP alot more than I've played (or ever plan to play) Gnometris...