Saturday, December 12, 2009

Computer + Culinary Fair

Today is the first day of annual computer fair held in JEC (Jogja Expo Center). I went there with my girlfriend, her mother, and her auntie. As usual, computer fair is always full of people, especially in the first day and since this is Saturday night, so the parking slot is always full of motorcycles and cars.

What makes this event special is because it's held in December, meaning the last computer fair in this year, so it's also a good time for people to buy gifts. Another reason is that because there were also two other event held in one building, which is culinary and Nike sales. The Nike sales is free of charge because it's held on the second floor, but not for the rest. You can buy IDR 2500 for one event or IDR 3000 for continuing tickets.

What i would like to review is the culinary fair. Even though it should be full of food, but what i seen in the event was that there were some booth which didn't have any relation with food at all. Also, there were too many same booth from same products. For example, Takoyaki. I saw almost five booth from different owners.

One note for the event organizer is please try to add more chairs and also please watch over the trash bin. Culinary fair always produces a lot of waste, so it would be a good idea to put more cleaning service resources on this event. Don't let the trash bin is full for too long, as people can't throw away their trash and in the end, they just throw it away in the building. Chair problem is classic. They don't provide adequate chair to be used by the customers who wanted to dine in there. In the end, they don't enjoy eating because they have to eat while standing Doh

For those who wanted to find some interesting food, why don't you go to this event and try it for yourself?

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  1. How about bringing some small folded chairs, like this one.