Thursday, December 24, 2009

What a Day

Today is a very special day. In the morning, i had breakfast with some of my relatives in Soto Kadipiro near my house (well, not very near actually, but it's still considered near in Jogja). I brought my rubik cube there (4x4x4). My uncle was impressed and he wanted to learn (he had a 3x3x3 at his house, but he was unable to complete it). When i got home, i copied a copy of Dan Brown's movie at YouTube which i used to learn how to solve the 3x3x3 rubik cube. He's still studying it right now lmao

At noon, we had lunch together with my elementary school's friend, even though it's not as complete as yesterday's feast. There was only 9 of us (we missed Bambang, Erika, and Ferry today). We ate at Gama Candi and we ended up at 3 PM.

Next, i went to the church with my girlfriend to celebrate night of Christmas. We took the first schedule, which was at 5 PM, since we would have a dinner with all of my big family. It ended at around 7 PM, so we rushed in to the restaurant and we had a dinner there with all of the relatives who came. Too bad, my cousin Ivan couldn't make it as he's still in Australia.

At night, we (me, my girlfriend, and my sister) went to my cousin's house and we played UNO together there. Even though it's only for one round, but it's still so much fun being together. I'm planning to go there again tomorrow so that we could play again (one round was definitely not too much fun Evil Grin).

It's been a great day and good way to celebrate Christmas day which is about 28 minutes to go at the time i write this post

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